Kayla Itsines Review, Get the perfect Bikini Body

If you have been onto Instagram of late and you enjoy following fitness, then the chances are good that you would have seen a photo or two of Kayla Itsines, she is an Australian fitness freak, who recently brought out a work out titled: Bikini Body Guide and it is selling online like hot cakes.

Breaking down the Kayla Itsines Review, when you purchase the work out you not only gets the incredibly detailed workout with instructions on how to do the 12 week challenge, you also get given instruction in order to not hurt yourself while working out. With this PDF you also get a meal plan called HELP, which is aptly named because most people do not realise that it is also about what you are eating and not only the work out you are doing that helps you lose weight. This PDF comes in two versions, one being for vegetarians and one for non-vegetarians; it helps you define what you should and shouldn’t be eating on a daily basis.


Working out can be tiring, if this is the first workout routine you have purchased and are trying out, then it is highly recommended to do the pre-training weeks she has before the actual training, it will help get your strength up for the real workout to follow. Also be sure to check out all the equipment you will need, this is not only a body weight exercise, there are weights involved, to get you to your bikini body status.

If you are interested in working out and you have a specific time frame you want to get toned up in then this is definitely the workout for you, it tell you exactly what to do and when to do it so there are no excuses for when you can’t do a workout.