Promoting Workplace Safety

Every company out there- whether an office setting or a manufacturing plant- should be significantly concerned about safety in the workplace. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers osha training to help companies stay on top of these concerns. In addition, companies should work with their employees to promote workplace safety. Take the time to identify some of the primary areas of concern so that your employees are aware of what they need to be looking for.

Make sure that you take the time to put up some signs around the workplace to warn of any dangers. For example, you should put up a sign that warns workers that the floor is wet or that if they use heavy equipment improperly they could end up getting hurt.

Take the time to make sure that workers are trained on issues regarding safety. All of your employees should be trained on the basic safety concerns. If they are going to be responsible for dangerous machinery, it’s a good idea to have a coworker watch them for the first several times. In addition, regular refresher courses should be given from time to time.

Make sure that you carefully document and keep track of any accidents. Put up a sign that displays the last time there was an accident in your workplace. Issue challenges to your employees to beat their current record for no accidents. If there is an accident, the sign needs to reset back to zero.

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If employees have safety suggestions, accept them because this will allow them to feel like they are more a part of workplace safety if they are allowed to have a say. Place a suggestion box allowing employees to give their input- either with their name on it or anonymously.

For those employees who are safe and take part in regular osha training, you should offer rewards for those employees who are safe. Once an employee has worked for a year without an accident, you should reward them with a gift or a day off.