Some Lice Treatment Methods Can Be Dangerous

Having head lice is a tormenting problem in itself, but what makes it all the more annoying is the fact that we have to use dubious and something even dangerous methods to get rid of this issue. There are many such dangerous methods out there and a lesser informed person might use them and find that it has brought on more problems than solutions.


We are not going to talk of methods here such as applying eggs and mayonnaise on the head. Though these are stinky methods that can cause a lot of embarrassment and lowering of self-esteem, they are not really dangerous. Mayonnaise can be dangerous because the method wants you to cover your head with something, such as a plastic bag. The concept is to suffocate the lice by cutting out their oxygen supply. If the plastic bag slips over the head, it might be lethal.

But let us talk about things like the hair dye that has become quite popular of late. Now, does hair dye kill lice? In fact, that is not the problem we have with this. It does, but only temporarily. While it kills the adult lice, it is at a loss at treating the nits, i.e. the eggs of the lice that live on the scalp. However, our main contention is with the way the hair dye works. This is actually a mixture of various chemicals, known as neurotoxins. The main thing they do is to stifle the nervous system of the lice and thus kill them.

Now, therein lies the problems. The neurotoxins are harsh chemicals and while they kill the adult lice, they might harm us too. The skin on the scalp is tender and has more pores because of the hair follicles that come out of it. Thus, it is more receptive to anything that is applied on it, which includes the chemicals in the hair dye.