Unlock the Latest Subway Surfers Cheats

Subway Surfers is one of the simplest yet most exciting games available on mobile platforms. The game flows in a similar manner every time: the main character must run away from a pursuing inspector and avoid whatever obstacles come in his way. Players get more points by avoiding the inspector for as long as possible. Obtaining gold coins and other bonuses also helps the total game score. If you are having difficulty with the game, accessing subway surfers cheats is likely to help.

There are a number of different Subway Surfers editions, with each having its own unique location. However, each game has a few things in common. The main character is being pursued and he must steer clear of obstacles such as pot holes, trains and cars. If the player slows down and gets caught by the inspector, the game is over. If the player falls down or hits an obstacle, the game is over.

When playing Subway Surfers, the player is always the character running away from the inspector. In the default versions of the game, the main character is a young boy named Jake. Over the years, a number of special editions of Subway Surfers came out. Some of these editions include New York, Rio, Rome, Miami, Paris and Mumbai.

Using various cheat codes and tricks helps the user get ahead in Subway Surfers. There are other ways at improving the game score, such as grabbing every available cold coin, accessing high score multipliers and using special equipment, such as super jumpers and jet packs. One of the most popular cheats for Subway Surfers is the “Mega Headstart,” which triggers a bonus of 10,000 points and means you do not have to jump or roll at the beginning of the game. The “Mega Headstart” launches the player into the sky as the game starts.